Rose Gold Necklace

Set yourself apart from others with a rose gold necklace around your neck. It will be sure to draw attention because of how uniquely colored it is. You can even get a rose gold pendant to hang from it which will make its unique red tint stand out even more.

Rose Gold Necklace

What is Rose Gold?

When a person thinks of a gold necklace, typically we picture a yellow chain with maybe a yellow pendant and even perhaps a diamond.

Very few people realize that there can actually be color variations to their gold necklace. This color combination comes from what metals may be mixed into the gold before the necklace becomes a necklace, ring, pendant, bracelet or earring.

Rose gold is a combination of yellow gold and copper. In some cases this mixture of metals may also have a little silver in it in order to make the metal more durable and long lasting since silver is one of the stronger precious metals.

This is the combination that gives it the unique red or rosy color that some people prefer over the more common yellow gold.

You can get different karats of rose gold the same as you can with other gold necklaces. On average you can get up to a 22 karat rose gold necklace. The karats of gold still determine the purity of the gold that was used.

Enjoy Owning a Beautiful Rose Gold Necklace

A rose gold necklace may have the same style as other pure gold necklaces; however it is the color that will stand out. Every woman and man loves gold and if you attend a party or even walk through the mall, you will see yellow gold everywhere. Imagine if you were wearing the rose colored necklace amid all those normal colored chains. It would draw attention to you.

Now add in a beautiful heart shaped pendant or a few diamonds to add sparkle and your rosy necklace will become even more glamorous and unique. It will even look amazing with just a single diamond pendant or some other color stone on it.

Where to Purchase a Rose Gold Necklace

Most jewelry stores now offer colored gold necklaces. A rose gold necklace is no different. They offer a wide variety of them as well as pendants to go with the chains.

This is due to the simple fact that more and more people are developing a love of rose gold because it is just as easy to care for as regular gold but still has the rose or red color that everyone seems to notice and like.

If you are worried about the price difference, you really will not notice a large difference between a rose colored necklace and a regular yellow gold one.

The price will still vary greatly depending on where you purchase the necklace from and what karat count you want in your necklace.

When you choose a colored gold, you will have just as many jewelry style options as with normal gold. You can purchase a rose colored ring, earrings, bracelet, and more.

So why not go all out and purchase some rose gold and make people stop and notice when you walk into the room wearing your rose gold necklace?